Chris Botha

Full-stack .Net Developer & Consultant


I am ready for your next big challenge.

Whether your next project is a website, automated document integration or the next best messaging service, I can assist you in achieving your goals.

I am a Cape Town-based software architect and solution developer working predominantly with Microsoft .Net and SQL server platforms both on-premise & cloud.

To lead a team and manage project outcomes effectively requires an experienced technical/development leader, mentor and teacher with strong interpersonal communication and presentation skills and with extensive public speaking experience, all of which I can provide.

Back-end integration, API development, Payment systems etc. I have worked mainly with .Net & .Net Core technologies with some project specific PHP and CMS work.

My front-end & web development experience is in a variety of technologies including MVC, Static HTML with Javascript libraries & Angular. I also provide specialist knowledge of EDI document transformations in the automotive and logistics industries using (EDIFACT, X12 and VDA document standards)

More information is available on my LinkedIn profile page.

Skills & Experience

Whatever you need.

HTML5 97%
JavaSript 82%
Microsoft .Net & .Net Core framework 88%
C# 76%
Cloud & Microservice Architecture 70%
REST API developement & integration79%
JS frameworks (Angular, React)60%
WordPress Impementation & Customization80%
EDI document integration (EDIFACT, X12, VDA)75%

Technical Specialities

Extensive experience across multiple industries.

Software Development

Expert consultation

Architecture & Infrastructure

Embedded Specialist

If you need assistance in establishing a solid development platform, as an embedded specialist, I can help form the platform for your team and help to instill best practices and software craftsmanship values.

Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Effective software delivery requires a continuous delivery pipeline so that your software is responsive to your needs. I am proficient in technologies that are enablers for continuous delivery.
I understand the need to align business needs with the needs of the software team.

Code quality & Review

By analysing existing code and highlighting areas that need improvement, applications can become easier to maintain and cheaper to change. I can add tools to the CI/CD pipeline to automate static code analysis and code coverage and I can help deliver optimized code for improved performance and a better user experience.


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